Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to Register

Usually me and Kim like to reserve Friday nights for "Date Night". Dinner out, maybe a movie or something fun like that. Well last Friday Kim came up with the idea of "Hey, let's go register at Babies "R" Us!" The thought sounded innocent enough at the time, but I was not prepared for what was about to happen. Three and a half hours of picking, choosing, asking, looking and the list seemed to go on....and on....and on.

Babies "R" Us was our first choice for registering because of how big their stores are and the huge selection of items. They also have a pretty cool incentive program where once our showers are over, we will get a gift card in the amount of 5% of everything that was purchased off of our registry. We also get 10% off of any items that were not purchased on our registry, so all in all it seemed like a pretty cool deal. I remembered what it was like to register for wedding gifts. We roamed about and clicked on whatever we felt that we needed. This trip was not like that. Once we got into the store and they handed the scanner over to us, Kim busted out the Consumer Reports book. Although a good book to see what items are the safest and most efficient, I believe that it easily added a solid hour to our trip.

We went from strollers, to car seats, to pack and plays, to swing things, to home safety, to toys, to bedding and the list went on...and on...and on. I mean really, the trip seemed to never end. If I could describe the trip in one word, I think that it would be "Exhausting!" As I sit back now and reflect on that trip to Babies "R" Us, I realize that maybe God was using this as a teaching moment. Maybe it wasn't about us registering as much as it was God trying to teach me patience. This is a virtue that I am not always best at, but with Maisey on her way, it is one that I need to get better at. Lesson learned.


  1. Congrats Vehon's!!!!! The world needs another Sun Devil fan.

    I miss you guys and am thrilled for your new addition. Can't wait to meet her.

  2. Congrats you two! The world needs another Sun Devil fan! I'm thrilled for your new stage in life and will look forward to keeping up on your blog!

  3. Ah patience, it's still the beginning. You are going to needs lots more.

  4. The 5% gift card is a new thing. They didn't do that for me last year. Also, Derek did not enjoy registering for John. Every time I asked his opinion, his response was "I don't care." So, I learned my lesson and didn't take him with me when I registered for Samuel. :) That saved me a lot of time!

    Can't wait to see what you've picked out!!!