Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a Girl!

Let me introduce you to our little girl. Me and Kim have gone through a journey that has let us experience a joy like never before as well as heartbreak that has left us wondering "why?" Through all of it, God has been good to us and taught us through every step. The desire to start a family reaches another milestone tomorrow as Kim will be 23 weeks, which is when our pregnancy becomes viable.

We are so excited to see her progressing well. She has been kicking and stomping on Mommy's bladder, kicking at us and our doctor during doppler readings and making Kim's tummy her personal playground. We look forward to June 16 when we should get to meet her for the first time. To those of you that have been praying for Kim, myself and Maisey.....Thank You. We truly appreciate your prayers, love and support through this journey and we look forward to doing life with you all as we learn what it means to be parents. Keep checking back as I will try to keep you updated on our family.


  1. I have been one of those praying for both of you. I experienced a small bit of what you have gone through before God blessed me with my two gifts.
    God wants us to learn to trust Him and wait on Him for His perfect timing and will in our lives. Not an easy thing to do, in fact, down right unbearable at times. He truly is a God of hope, love and grace. He continues to teach us those lessons all through our lives as I am still having to learn to trust and cling to Him and that He knows what is best for me.
    My babies are now 24 and 21. It goes by so fast it is almost cruel. Take every moment, day, week, month and year as a gift from Him to enjoy and treasure. The days will often seem long and endless but the years fly. I cannot wait to hold my precious great niece.
    When you are so tired you don't know what to do, call me. I will be more than happy to come over and hold her in that glider while you take a good nap or get a nights rest.
    Love, Auntie Pam:)

  2. So excited for you guys and to be a part of this journey with you!
    Continuing to pray!

  3. We can't wait to meet her!I have a feeling she will be a little firecracker! And you will want to take Auntie Pam up on that offer. She stayed up with Abi I think almost all night once(or maybe more)while we were in the hospital. She is the best at holding babies! Love you guys and I'll get those clothes to you Kim!

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  5. Maisey is in my daily prayers! I can't wait to hold her cuz the love is already there.
    Love you, Barb

  6. Congrats, brother!!...God is good, isn't He?

  7. I am so excited for you guys and I love watching Kim grow and feeling her little round tummy! Can't wait to meet little Maisey!

  8. Hooray! She's beautiful, by the way! Looks like she has Kim's nose! :)

  9. Oh you know I have been there praying.
    Love you guys!