Sunday, January 16, 2011

A whole lot of stuff from a long period of time...

The other day, Kim and I were talking about how bad we have been about updating our blog. I took a look and boy is she right, Maisey's first birthday, Anneliese's birth, Growing up, Friends, much has happened so let me introduce you to the last few (or 9) months!

June 9, 2010...Maisey is 1!

Holy Cow...I have always heard people say that time flies, but this has never been so true than when Maisey came into our life. It seems like everyday she is getting bigger, learning something new and finding new ways to make us smile. For her birthday celebration we decided to take her to the Zoo for some morning fun and then after a little nap, we went to the park to celebrate a little more. Looking back, I can't believe how small she was!

This was daddy's idea...Maisey wasn't impressed  :o/

Another love comes into Maisey' life. You scream...I scream...Maisey screams for Ice Cream....Really...if she see's it and doesn't get some, she has a little fit. I think that Ice Cream comes in a close second to her favorite, Chocolate!

Maisey wasn't the biggest fan of bath time for quite a while, you can't tell from this picture, be she has actually grown to like taking baths...except for the hair washing part.

Look who is getting better at feeding herself. Yeah, she still isn't the cleanest of eaters and she definitely still prefers her hands to any utensil, but she is getting much better at using big girl utensils!

...and then came swim lessons. There are a lot of things that I could say about this experience with her, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Yeah....She's not a fan!

We all know that summers in Arizona are hot, but when a kid is ready for fun it doesn't matter how hot, cold or wet it is. Here are a couple of our favorite things to do in the summer.

Enjoy Rainstorms...

Play at the Park!

...and so much more!

And then there were two! We always wondered how it would be possible to love a second child as much as we love our little Maisey, but then came Anneliese and instantly that love was expanded. We have been blessed with two beautiful, playful girls who constantly bring smiles to our faces  :o)

Liesey with Shelly and Mommy!

Uncle Dustin and two of his favorite girls  :o)

...and we're home, only 32 hours in the hospital this time...we'll take it!

There is always time for friends! We admit that Maisey isn't necessarily the meet a person make a friend type, but the friends that she does have she loves. Here are a few pics of her play time with some of her besties!

Maisey and Maddie always have a blast together.

"Come on Maddie...right this way"

"Maddie....Where are you going?"

"This is not how I saw this going"

In the end they both decided to play inside the cage together.

...or Not!

A little time with friends at the zoo.

As we find out more and more about our girls, we love how their personalities shine through. Here are a few of our girls just being themselves along with a milestone.

Anneliese gets her first bath.

Maisey get's a new pair of kicks...of course they're Yo Gabba Gabba!

Liesey gets to hang out with Aunt Tara, Cousin Mia and meet Aunt Bobbie for the first time.

Maisey in Daddy's Muscle Beach shirt!

Maisey being a goofball!

Say Cheese  :o)

As a infant Maisey didn't really want anything to do with her swing. Now that Liesey is using it....well, you see  :o/

While Christmas shopping this year, Maisey found the shopping CARt...needless to say she was a huge fan.

While me and Kim always have the real tree/fake tree discussion at Christmas, so far in our marriage it has been real. It has been especially fun the last couple years going with Grandma, Grandpa and the girls!

This years Christmas tree!

Here is Grandma with Anneliese.

A tradition that Kim is wanting to start with Maisey is baking Christmas cookies. Kim even bought Maisey her very own baking apron (it was too big this year). Uncle Dustin got to share in the fun this year!

Liesey would rather sleep.

 Maisey loves her little Sissy.

...and I guess that you can say she is following in her dad's footsteps!

Christmas Morning! I have started a little tradition of taking a Chirstmas morning picture of the girls sleeping. Aren't they cute!?!

Maisey opening her presents...while on her bike!

...Every fun day, even Christmas Day must come to an end. I think that she had fun!

Most years we get to go to the Insight Bowl with family, here are the girls at this years game.

and also the newest, not Yoda....Caleb!

One thing that Maisey is really enjoying is the McDonalds playland...this time Daddy took her through the tubes and down the slide. I think that Du du du du DU du...she's lovin' it  :o)

Happy New can't end one year and bring about a new one without a little Celebration :o)

"Who let the kids out?" Not us...they are so much easier to manage in the cage :o)

Maisey's first time with Sparklers....not too sure she enjoyed that.

Liesey and Caleb..only three days apart.

...and what's a better way to start the new year? Go to the movies! Liesey got to take in her first movie with mom and dad  :o)