Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Six Months and Counting.....

Today marks six months in our journey towards seeing baby Maisey and it still amazes me how one moment can feel like she'll never come while the next I'm in a stress ball because she'll be here so soon. Everyone tells us the time your pregnant flies by but, it's hard to understand until you're in the moment. The other day (one out of Maisey's many active days) I found myself yet again in awe that there is a little person developing inside of me. It's so funny the way you can make assumptions about who she'll be all based on the interaction she is having with us now. I tell Brian that we're in for trouble because she seems to have a strong personality. If she's startled, she goes crazy kicking and rolling around which tells me she's a fighter like her momma. I can already imagine the head butting that will take place between her and I and only hope that I have Brian wrapped just a little tighter around my finger than Maisey will have him. Although, I have to say that there has been little more heart-touching to me than to see Brian interacting with Maisey. At night he plays games with her and, as she interacts back with him, I get to see his excitement and how amazing a dad he will be. All I can say is I am truly blessed.

For our six month mark we decided that pictures were a must. Brian has been trying to document the pregnancy journey through photos for months but, there's not a whole lot fun about taking pictures when you think you still look fat, not pregnant. With that said, I gave in!

For fun, I thought I would include the top phrases Brian has gotten used to saying to me in the last few months:

1. You don't look fat. You're pregnant
2. I'm sorry
3. No, that outfit doesn't make you look fat.
4. Baby, you're being irrational
5. You want me to go to the store now?
6. Stop trying to suck in your belly. It can't be good for the baby.

And last but not least......

7. The glider is perfect (ok, he hasn't said this yet but, he will!)


  1. Yay! Pictures! I think you are adorable. And I love the things Brian says to you. Too cute! Want to know what Josh says to me?
    1. You are being dramatic.
    2. Just because you are pregant doesn't mean you HAVE to act like that.
    3. Hey cutie (usually when I look preggo.)
    4. Are you sure you should eat all that (maybe why I look preggo at 18 months. )

  2. You look adorable pregnant! You definitely have the "mamma" glow going on. :)

  3. Huh yeah Kim hate to break the news but you definitely look preggers! On your worst day in your "fatest" (is that a word?) looking jeans you could never past that belly off as "fat"! HA I love it and you, you are beeming! So happy for you two!