Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's been awhile.....

So I am definitely not as good at updating the blog as I wish I was. While I will try to do better about updating more frequently, I make no guarantees :o) Well time has flown by and we are now three weeks away from celebrating Maisey's birthday. I know that everyone always says that time flies, but holy cow....time freakin' flies! It seems like only yesterday we were bringing Maisey home and now we are baby proofing the house as she gets ready to walk.

Since she is growing up right before our eyes, we wanted to capture her as she sleeps peacefully. She loves to cuddle with her Maisey doll that Aunt Jen got her.

Earlier in the year we got the chance to head up to Happy Jack and spend the weekend with the Celaya's and Cassaday's. It was a nice drive up (minus the transmission issues) and there was still snow on the ground.

The Cabin

Mommy and Maisey enjoying a few moments together at the cabin. Maisey loves her mommy!

This year was Maisey's first Easter, so of course we had to get her an Easter dress. Here is the Vehon family Easter picture. Maisey loves her Uncle Dustin.

I always wondered what Maisey does while she is sitting in her car seat, so when we were stopped at a light I peeked the camera over her seat and got this pic. She is a cutie.

It was always easier going grocery shopping when we could just put her car seat in the cart, but she was getting pretty tired of that, so we decided to let her sit in the big girl seat and needless to say she Loved it!

Since Mommy and Maisey are morning people (much to Daddy's dismay) Kim decided that we should have a breakfast picnic at the park. We also played at the playground and fed the ducks and geese. Maisey thoroughly enjoyed feeding the geese...

...until the geese thought that her fingers and toes were bread and began to try to eat them. Who needs 10 fingers and 10 toes anyways???

This past weekend, we were able to go to the park and celebrate Abi and Leah's birthday. This year their party was at a splash pad. Maisey isn't the hugest fan yet, but we at least got a good picture from it.

and finally, here is a short vid clip of Maisey playing her new favorite game....

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  1. Yeah! Love getting updates! Plus, when I saw the video, I noticed that Maisey was wearing the exact outfit that I had on Anna today! Love the butterfly on the bootie!