Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long.....

Okay, I am finding that I am not the best at updating the blog. I am still going to try to get better at that, but for now I figured that I would share with you what has happened since out last update.

Gearing up for the Christmas season is always fun, and always busy at Central. Since Kim joined the staff a while ago, it was really easy to go and hang out with here whenever she had vocal rehearsal, auditions, a video shoot, or whatever. Now that Maisey is here, she gets dragged along to join in on the fun. Here, Maisey is hanging out at her first video shoot with mom for Centrals impact video. She was a real trooper!

Since what seems like Maisey's birth, Kim has been wanting to get Maisey's ears pierced. I admit that I was very hesitant in getting to holes punched in my little girls head, but at the six month mark I decided that it wasn't worth it to fight it anymore, so for Maisey's six month birthday she got to get her pretty little ears pierced :o/

As some of you may know, about 2 years ago Kim and I decided to get a Newfoundland puppy. What at the time was a 35 lb. puppy has turned into a 130 lb. puppy that we have been trying to introduce with Maisey. I am happy to say that the two are very fond of each other.

We have also been working on introducing more and more foods. While Maisey is doing great at being a good eater, she isn't always a clean eater...this could be feeders error also. In the past week, Maisey has even began to use her pinchers to pick up rice treats and feed them to herself!

It seems like everyone had been so busy since the arrival of Maisey, Jillian and Maddy that the girls had not had the chance to hang out. They (Kim, Jenny, Pauline and Allison) decided to put an end to this and all of the girls got together and had a little bit of fun time. While although chaotic, fun was had by all!

The gang....
Then came the busyness of the Christmas season. Over the holidays we were able to hang out with coworkers, friends and family. Here Maisey is having a little fun at the annual CCV Christmas party. Maisey is sporting the bow look, a little Cassaday touch :o)
And then the big (and long) day arrived, Maisey's first Christmas. Below are some of the hi lights from the big day.

Wakey...Wakey......Maisey's first Christmas morning.

We finally rolled out of bed and made it to Grandma and Grandpas for Christmas breakfast. We figured that we would let Maisey spend the morning in her comfy reindeer outfit.
Maisey had the chance to spend quality time with her family. Here Maisey hangs out with her Great Granddaddy.

and Grandma Beverly.

Since she has had a fascination with lights since she was born, we decided to take her to Zoo Lights. I think it is safe to say that she had a good time.

Since our backyard is all dirt we decided to let Maisey hang out in the grass in front of the church for a while. I am still not sure what she thought of that experience.

Then came Dad's first weekend without the Girls. At the end of January Kim, Maisey and Grandma Bev hit the friendly skies to go visit Aunt Tara, Cousin Gabe and Cousin Mia. Below are a few of the fun pics from the long weekend.

Maisey is ready to fly with her boarding pass in hand.

Maisey spending a little time getting to know Cousin Mia....and stealing her pugga :o)

Here, Maisey is experiencing the playground for the first time. Cousin Gabe showed her the ropes.

...and although she had fun, she was ready to head home and see Daddy!

We decided that we are going to try to take her out to the park more often, so here is Maisey having a good time swinging.

and an even better time playing with Mommy and Daddy.

...and there is always time for friends. Here, Maisey and Maddy hang out in the greenroom at church while their Mommies sing. We still have some work to do with Maisey on that whole sharing thing.

So I think that is it for now. Aunt Jen and the cousins just moved to town from Connecticut while Uncle David is in Afghanistan, so i am sure that we will have some more good cousin pictures soon. Here's to hoping that I can get my act together and update more often :o)


  1. I know I have been around for it all, but it is still fun to read all about little Miss Maisey's life. And I LOVE that last picture. They are going to be BEST friends (as long as Maddy does what Maisey says.)

  2. she is so beautiful! :) I am so happy for you guys! I miss you guys! we have to get together soon!

  3. Yeah! More pictures of Maisey. She is getting so grown up! You definitely need to post more often.