Saturday, June 6, 2009


So, this isn't the post of the nursey that Brian promised (update coming soon) but, I thought before things go totally haywire that I would post one last pre-Maisey entry. The past few weeks have been nothing but one big blur! Between multiple tests, doctors appointments, trying to get the house ready for Maisey and the fam that will be coming in town, baby showers, works commitments, the list could go on and on.....needless to say time has not slowed down for us. Some have told us to fill the last few weeks with lots of Brian and Kim time (which we've been sure to save some) and others have told us how slow time will drag until she comes (still waiting for this to happen :) but, the truth is she'll be here in a matter of days (3 to be exact) and I'm not sure any advice has really left us feeling completely prepared for the life change we are about to experience. Each day brings a multitude of emotions from anxiety about the unkown to feeling so unprepared! But, my favorite thought is that in three days we get to meet our daughter. We'll know who she looks like and have the chance to memorize every special feature. We get to start learning about how God has designed her uniquely and given her special gifts and abilities. We'll get to make mistakes that hopefully won't scar her for life and learn how to go through each day no longer a family of two but three. We are so thankful for everyone who has walked with us to this point but, we are counting on everyone to stumble along with us on this new journey (Lord knows we need the help :)

For fun, I thought I would add some pics that Robert Jewett so wonderfully took for us (you can check out his web page to see his great work!)

Me and my very pregnant homegirl, Pauline. It has made this pregnancy more fun (and tolerable :) having a friend on the journey just days apart! Maisey and Jillian have no choice but to be good friends and get along! I'm sure Katherine will help us enforce that! :)

Look how good of a sport Brian was! Thanks for the idea Robert! I'm sure this will be one we'll look back and laugh at (at least I will)

Me and my forever favorite~

Although you can't see my ready to pop belly well in this one, this is one of my favorites! Maybe because I'm breaking the rules and sitting indian style, maybe because you can't see the swelling in my face but, probably mostly because it documents the fun we had that night. :)


  1. Great pics. I especially like one of you and Pauline!
    I'm so excited Maisey is going to be here soon. It's been a long time coming and God's hand has been there through it all. I questioned Him so much in the beginning with you guys. But looking back, I see His details woven in everything.
    I love you guys!

  2. We are large and in charge, y'all.

  3. Such great and FUNTASTIC pics, you guys!! : D I'm so, so, SOOO excited for you!!! It'll be the most incredible, beautiful and surreal experience the moment you meet Maisey!! Everything else will pale in comparision and it's a moment your hearts will never forget!! And just remember, regardless how unprepared and overwhelmed you may be feeling, you need to trust that God has prepared you for this, no matter what!! Sometimes we underestimate and doubt our abilities and instincts as new parents due to fear, inexperience and a whole variety of other things. But trust you've got what it takes (Kim + brilliant Brian = successful parents ;), plus you've got a whole lot of peeps to ask too!! : ) Keeping all three of you in my prayers and thoughts, especially for a smooth and safe delivery!! : ) Hugs n blessings!! : )

  4. Reed's pretty excited that Maisey is coming on his birthday!

  5. We tried to plan it that way, just for Reed!