Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kim and Maisey Update

First off, sorry for those of you who did not receive a text message about Maisey's arrival (which I think is about everyone). For everyone that hasn't been caught up on the whole situation, here is the story and the most recent information.

On Monday night at 9:00 p.m., we checked into the Banner Gateway Hospital so that they could begin Kim's inducement. Once we were settled in, the Cervadil was put in at 10:00 and some other blood tests and general wellness tests kept us up until midnight. We were then able to get 5 hours of sleep that would quickly become very valuable. At 8:00 am on Tuesday the 9th they began to give Kim her Pitocin to see if we could push the contractions along. At 12:00, Kim was at 3cm and 50% effacement, it was at that time that Dr. Messer decided to break Kim's water. The contractions that hadn't been too bad, but once that water broke....oh brother.

After having one of the anesthesiologist scare the living heck out of us about the "possibilities" that can happen with an epidural, we spoke with Dr. Messer and she reassured us that it was well worth the risk and that the risk was very minimal. So epidural here we came, and everything became so much simpler. After a few ups in the Pitocin and no real effect, we decided to give Kim a bigger Pitocin boost. we went from 5cm to 7cm in an hour, and then about 35 later, probably 9:25, Kim felt that pressure feeling, said let's see if anything has changed, and was suddenly at 10 cm. 100% effacement and +2 station. After that we tried to push, it was working and then it was a waiting game for Dr. Messer. Dr. Messer got there shortly after and then it was a pushing game. After about 30 minutes of pushing at 10:28, out popped Maisey. A perfect little baby girl! After that the journey became rough for a while.

Immediately after birth, Dr. Messer delivered the placenta, but Kim's bleeding came excessive to the point where red flags began to go up. Her blood pressure dropped to 60/30ish, and she continued to lose blood at a rapid rate. Dr. Messer noticed that she wasn't able to get all of the placenta out so she decided to take Kim to the O.R. so that she could sedate Kim and see what was really going on. Once they got in there, Dr. Messer discovered that the placenta had grown into the uterus and because of that Kim's body wasn't able to realize that the Placenta was gone and it kept feeding her blood. The uterus wasn't looking too good, but in order to avoid a hysterectomy, Dr. Messer ordered that Kim's uterus be cauterized and put in a balloon in to monitor any further blood loss. Long story short, 12 units of blood, 4 units of platelets and 2 units of plasma later, the balloon is now out and Kim is up, walking around and looking forward to moving down to recovery so that she can spend some long love time with Maisey :o) Did we mention that we have a beautiful baby girl ?!?

Thank You to everyone for your prayers and support over the last 9 months and especially the past few days. We have really felt them and it made everything a little more comforting.

~Brian and Kim


  1. She's beautiful! So glad to hear Kim is doing better.

  2. What a love Maisey is!!! And PHEEEW along with a TON OF PRAISES that Kim is out of the woods and on her way to healing!! Thanks so much for sharing an've both been through so much these last few days!!

  3. Wow. As a soon-to-be OB my heart bottomed out when I got to the part where you listed her systolic pressure in the 60's. The fact that she had a placenta acreta and she still has a uterus is pretty amazing too. Wow.

    Congrats to you three!

  4. Wow! Congrats! I am so glad that Kim is doing better! What hat a cutie Maisey is! And she's got hair!

  5. I'm so, so thankful Kim is doing better! I can't wait to meet Maisey. :)
    Okay Brian, Maisey is here and Kim is doing better, you can breathe now papa!

  6. Congratulations, Brian and Kim! Maisey is adorable. What a blessing!!! Kim, I have been praying for you like crazy. My son is 6 weeks old and I, too, had placenta accreta. Unfortunately, I did have to have a hysterectomy. You are so blessed! You will continue to be in my prayers as you recover.

    Kirsten (Kemp) Lunsford