Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Maisey!!!

In usual form, Brian and I went back and forth deciding whether or not we wanted to have a 4D ultrasound. Brian really wanted to have one and I could have gone either way so, we went for it! On Thursday evening our families met up at Peek of You in Chandler to see if we would be able to get a good peek of Maisey and, although I was on the fence before, I was really excited to get a chance to see her precious face. I had spent that day talking with her about behaving in the ultrasound but I have come to realize already that she doesn't listen to what I tell her. This week I told her to stop kicking in my lungs and tried to shove her foot down a bit which she responded by shoving her foot even higher into my ribs. With that said, here is how our night went.
On our way to the place Brian and I stopped to get food because I knew there was absolutely no way that I would be able to make it until after the ultrasound. Our friend, Allison, has recommended drinking a shake before the ultrasound because the sugar and the cold usually help to wake the baby up but, Brian and I were running behind schedule and ran out of time to make a shake stop. First mistake. Although we were the last to arrive, I think the sugar would have been a help. I knew that we might have a problem because Maisey was wide awake and moving around at 4 p.m. but our ultrasound wasn't until 5:30 p.m. She NEVER stays awake for that long so I thought she might be in the middle of a early evening nap. Unfortunately, I was right. We all piled into the room which was very nice. They have several viewing screens so that everyone can see, comfy couches, and a really nice bed that I got to lay on.
The first thing the technician did was verify that Maisey is in fact a girl which my mom responds with I think I see her face....(that's my mom). Then she moved down to Maisey's face to which Maisey threw her hands over. When the ultrasound tech tried to jostle her around Maisey decided to flip the bird before rolling into my back leaving no hopes of getting a good peek of her features. Fortunately, Peek of You was wonderful and are allowing us to come back for a redo next week. We're going to all meet up again next Saturday and hope that Maisey decides to play well with the technician this time. I don't have a picture of Maisey flipping the bird (it's on the CD they are adding to next week but, I thought I would share the one decent picture they gave us from Thursday.
Looks like we are going to have our hands full! :)


  1. I love that story! If Maisey has that much personality out of the womb, I a going to make Madelyn play with her all the time!!

  2. Cute. Hopefully she'll cooperate next time! :)