Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Vacation

I LOVE summer vacation and our favorite place to go is California. Brian and I have a dream of one day owning something on the beach but, for now, we are just happy getting a chance to get away and spend time with the family. This year we decided to have two parts to our trip. First, we went up to Anaheim to hit the beach and Disneyland with the Brian's fam and then we took just us and Maisey down to San Diego to go to Sea World and have our first us only vacation time in a few years. Other than some minor mishaps...Maisey and Daddy getting food poisening from Sea World (we think it was the eggs)....everything was wonderful! Here's some of the highlights from the trip :)

Maisey didn't understand being stuck in a car FORVER and had a few melt downs. But, she's adorable even when in the midst of losing her cool.

Hunnigton Beach day. She was tuckered out from all the fun in the sun :)
You can see Maisey showing Uncle Dustin and Grandma the flying Peter Pan boats. I guess we were constantly pointing things out to her and, midway into the trip, Maisey started pointing things out to us!
Maisey loves her cousin Gage. For some reason, they make each other smile--most of the time it's Gage making Maisey smile.

Maisey loved the Celebration Parade for the most part. She flirted with Bert from Mary Poppins and enjoyed looking at Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (that is until Tigger got too close and Maisey thought he was coming to take her).

At the end of our Disneyland day. All of us made it past midnight with the exception of Maisey. Then, the trams were broke and we had to walk back to the parking garage. It seems a lot closer when you are riding on a tram!
On a side note, Disneyland rides are A LOT scarier than I remembered. Maisey was terrified in Pirates and spent the whole ride with her head burried in my chest. Small World was just her speed and by far her favorite ride.

Then there was some camping.....

And Sea World..... (she loved the Dolphin show--Blue Horizon--the best!

And more fun at the beach!

Needless to say, the car ride home was a little different than the car ride there :)
I am so very grateful for time with the family! Here's to another great vacation!

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